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Screenplay. Solo Installation Cigar Factory. Allentown PA     11/2015

Environments. Gallery 724. Allentown PA  01/2016

Love is in the Air. Gallery 724. Allentown PA     02/2016

Winter Group Show. Bethlehem House Contemporary Gallery.   Bethlehem PA  01-04/2016

Condensation. Gallery 415. Catasauqua PA      03-04/2016

Building Textures and Dimensions. Solo Show Blink Optical. Allentown PA   03/2016

Primordia 8. Commissioned Outdoor Sculpture by City Center and Re:Find for the Arts Walk. Allentown PA  03-09/2016

Juried Show. Mayfair Festival of the Arts. Allentown PA   05/2016

Artist Meet and Greet. The Dime. 5-7pm  Allentown PA   07/21/2016

Square on Grid Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition. Arts Walk. Allentown PA  06-09/2016   

The Baum School of Art & Morning Call 10th Annual Juried Exhibition.

Allentown PA 08/18 - 09/08/2016

Force of Nature  Solo Installation. Indie Craft Fair. Allentown PA December 2016

Portal & Portal 2 Solo Installation. RE:find Gallery 724.  Allentown PA  12/15/2016-01/15/2017

Compendium Group Show. Banana Factory. Bethlehem PA  01/14 - 03/05/2017

Asylum Installation in Group Show. International Fusionism Gallery. Easton PA 02/03 - 02/25/2017

Paper Show. National Juried Show. Long Beach Island Foundation. LBI, NJ  06/05 - 06/26/2017

Time Will Tell. National Juried Show. Coburn Gallery, Ashland University. Ashland, Ohio 06/28 - 08/13/2017

"Lift- Off" Installation. Honorable Mention

Variations on the Square. Fox Optical. Bethlehem PA Aug.-Sept. 2017

One Artist One Woman. Civic Theater Gallery 514. Allentown PA October 2017

Breaking New Ground w/ "Hatching" installation. Gallery 724. Allentown PA  Nov.-Dec. 2017

Contemporary Renaissance Women. Banana Factory. Bethlehem PA  February 2018

IZANAMI. Artist in Residence including community installation The Arrival. Baum School of Art. Allentown PA  01-08/ 2018